Graphite Pipe

There are two sorts of graphite pipes: one kind is machined graphite tubes from graphite material. The various other type is extruded graphite pipe. Right here we will certainly offer a price list as well as size series of material graphite pipes.

Size: OD/ID*Length $/pc.
32/22*2600mm 15
32/22*3000mm 16.6
32/22*3200mm 18.3
32/22*2700mm 15
32/22*3800mm 21
32/22*4700mm 26
32/22*2400mm 13.3
32/22*2300mm 12.8
32/22*1900mm 10.6
Dia37/25.4mm* 4m 31,5
51*38*2300mm 28
32/22*4000mm 22.2
32/22*2200mm 12.2
32/22*3300mm 18.3

OD/ID array: 32/22mm, 37/25mm, 51/38mm … graphite-pipe-data.
Length: 0-7500mm.

Key applications of graphite pipes: for heat exchangers.

Unspecified Resistances:.
Dia.s: ± 0.1 mm.
Penetrability: thirty minutes, under 1Mpa stress, no filter.

The bursting pressure: 6.8 Mpa.

This is the rates of in 2015, as well as we have big price cut for brand-new orders.

Extruded resin graphite pipes: this sort of graphite pipe is with material powder and graphite powder mixed together, then graphitized in heat. this kind of graphite pipes is mostly used in warm exchangers, and can be with bigger size contrasted to the initial type. it can reach a length of 6-7meters. however the size is not large.

Material graphite tube, primarily describes the phenolic resin extrusion of graphite tube. This graphite tube has the qualities of graphite, and also it has the qualities of phenolic material, so it is an excellent mix. It has excellent corrosion resistance as well as good thermal warmth exchanger graphite pipeconductivity.This graphite tubes is mostly used in tube type graphite warm exchanger. In numerous corrosive products under the conditions of warm transfer is extensively utilized. The graphite tubes that CFCCARBON LTD produced is with 300 C warmth therapy, its thermal conductivity has to do with 30-40w/ (m.k), much greater than various other non-metallic anti-corrosive materials, and also greater than the stainless steel. As a result, graphite resin tube has long been silently enter hydrochloric acid, chlor-alkali market, as well as into the chemical industry, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, electroplating, printing as well as dyeing, paper, environmental management as well as various other industries.

CFCCARBON LTD business can produce material graphite tubes for warmth exchangers. We have the best line of product which can create wide range of graphite tubes, graphite block, plate for warm exchangers.