KAT-TUN Worldwide Travel Korea Traditional Travel? No more SEOUL or BUSAN! ?

Korea Traditional Travel? No more SEOUL or BUSAN! ?

Hello everyone this is Lara Today I'm going to show you the place I really recommend you to visit in Korea this place is called GyeongJu It's full of beautiful and sound nature and at the same time it has extreme attractions too, as you see You can also enjoy good Korean food in cheaper prices than Seoul and for last, the ultimate heavenly traditional Korean night views so please follow my travel tracks and let me show you Gyeongju! One thing that make Gyeongju very special is that the city is full of historical places it's literally full of them because it used to be the capital of Silla dynasty and here's the first place which is called Cheon Ma Chong It's near in the center of GyeongJu city do you see the mountain over there? It's actually not mountains It's a man-made graves so those are the graves of the high bones in Silla dynasty well luckily there was one grave that you could enter so let's get inside Originally this place was filled up with stones you see in front and in the middle of it, there's the coffin Wow look at that! Golds everywhere Friend: Look at that golden shoes It was to bury it so what you can notice here is the sizes of the graves are all different from small to big so when you come to Gyeongju, you should definitely visit here and take a lot of pictures Look at that McDonald's! How cute If you come to GyeongJu, you'll get to see a lot of restaurants or cafes in Korean traditional building themes Me and my friends decide to stay in the guest house This is the guest house with a lot of books and comic books Let me show you this place it's amazing Do you see this bunk bed? Is so strong! So that you can sleep very well Also there is a nice air conditioning And something amazing happens out there so we booked the separated room for three of us and there's the shower rooms here and, right next to it Isn't this amazing?! There are lots of comic books and also in between there are single bunk beds I'll show you the inside just a little bit later but first let's see this amazing place here's the place that you can read books and at the same time you can eat snacks or whatever of course there are famous comic books and this is what it looks like inside It's not clear, but it's perfect for one person anyway this is what I want to do in the future and we came to the GyeongJu amusement park and look at that!! What the hell What the hell This is crazy I'm going to upload the dedicate video for GyeongJu world next week so, if you're interested please be subbed and I'm going to upload the video next week When the Sun sets, the real beauty of GyeongJu city rises This place is called Donggung palace and Wolji pond This place is known for the night view so make sure to come here after the Sun sets The Korean traditional buildings and the ponds and trees look so beautiful all together If you see everything closely All the Korean traditional patterns are drawn from the top to the bottom Also definitely make sure to see the pond That reflection on the surface of the water looks so unrealistically beautiful also here's the second night view spot called Woljeong bridge It's a long bridge so if you see it from the side, it looks like this Wow thisis so beautiful! This color!! Beautiful After taking tons of pictures, we decided to eat late dinner It was so much cheaper than in Seoul We're going to eat popular food called Makchang(intestines) Oh it looks so delicious! I think this is the coolest cafe in Korea How cool and beautiful Cafes in Gyeongju were also one of a kind The building was designed in the Korean traditional way and the indoor also had the seats like in the Korean traditional way Also we found a really gigantic waterwheel on the road! Again, randomly we saw the really interesting building so that building had the traditional Tower shaped hole in between that was really amazing so this time for lunch we came to one of the popular restaurants in GyeongJu Let me give you one tip! If you want to know if the random restaurant is famous or not, first thing you need to see is if there's a room for the waiting people 3 teams, please enter to the 1st room at your left! they're even calling people's name to enter Second thing see the wall There are so many autographs on the wall and this is also the fact that this restaurant is so popular this is the signature food in this restaurant It's the raw beef and the raw beef noodles so how to eat! Eat raw beef with the hot rice together What a visual! I miss those moments The last place we went was Bulgooksa and Sukgulam Those are the most famous temples in GyeongJu when we arrived to the gate, we put our personal belongings just like this on the street! yes it can be only done in Korea and we entered the temple On our way to the temple we saw the cute little squirrel I don't know how to pronounce and if you walk 10 mins more, finally you can see the Sukgulam If you come to traditional temple slash Korean Mountain, You can always see this kind of thing this is water from the mountain we wash our hands Use the scoop next to thel mini fountain Don't ever put your hands in the water please! In distance, you can see the Sukgulam Sukgulam literally means the temple in the cave made with stones So this Sukgulam kind of looks small indeed but there's some space in that rear area too Many people are coming here to make their wishes and unfortunately it was forbidden to film inside so instead of that let me show you the little prayer place well in the ceiling there are many prayer wishes One more iconic thing in every temple in Korea is this You can write whatever you want to say on this thing called Kiwah This is the Korean traditional roof tile This Bulgooksa is a huge temple When you enter the gate you'll have to walk for minutes and when you see the bridge, now you're near to temple This is the frontal gate of the temple In this building, you can see the scary looking four statures They are called Sacheon wang They're the Guardians on the patrol of east, west, north and south In order to block every evil thing entering to the temple they are protecting the place in the frontal gate if you successively pass the guardians, now you can see theBulgooksa before entering it, let's wash our hands first and if you're ready let's go inside! so this tower is called Dabo tower even if you feel like you've never seen this you might have actually In Korean ten won coin, there's the tower and it is Dabo tower It was built in the year of 751 in Silla dynasty Sorry for not giving you so much information but if you come here you'll get to know it it's a really beautiful temple so I've got to show you so many things but there is one thing I missed in GyeongJu it's called Cheomsungdae, it looks like this But we kind of missed it Instead, we decided to eat it so this cafe is called GyeongJu salon and it has a signature menu It's the Cheomsungdae latte! the ice cube inside of the latte is shaped just like Cheomsungdae so yeah I think I can say I saw Cheomsungdae at least? But Cheomsungdae is a really representative thing in GyeongJu so please don't miss it just like me so that was all! How was it? Do you feel like you want to come to GyeongJu? it's a really different city from Seoul or Busan So when you come to Korea don't miss this beautiful place Next week I'm going to show you the really extreme side of GyeongJu so don't miss it! and Isee you next time guys

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