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Leverage Your Travel Time

I wonder if you're taking advantage of this opportunity to leverage your time and your knowledge at the same time So, back in the 1990's when I had a job, I was listening to cassette tapes

I had some cassette tapes that a customer gave me, thankfully It changed the trajectory of my career He gave me some cassette tapes from Maxwell Maltz and Bob Proctor and Tom Peters, and I listen to these; and Brian Tracy, The Psychology of Selling I actually listened to that so many times that I wore out a pen I finished a few notebooks and eventually, I had to buy a new set of tapes to replace the ones that I played so often

And these were fundamental for me These days, if I'm going for a long drive up the coast or somewhere, a little surf safari, I make sure that I put on an educational podcast and I'll listen to something Yesterday, I went on a trip and I listened to three completely separate podcasts One about finance and investments, one about psychology and mindset and another one about surfing Even that show is instructive

The way that it's produced with two hosts and sound effects and editorial, journalistic style, content and a very strong narrative was still very educational but also fantastic entertainment And by all means, listen to a song Enjoy your life It doesn't have to always be serious However, if you are spending a lot of time in transit, this is a great opportunity for you to catch up on business content

And also, I will point out that audibles are a good way to consume books I still think one major thing that separates very successful entrepreneurs to the average ones is just that they are consuming quite a lot of business books Business books are probably bang-for-buck the best value you can invest your money on And it's at this time I should point out that you can buy my book, Work Less Make More, on Audible So, go ahead and grab that, and you'll discover how you can really make more and work less

It's totally possible I'm James Schramko Thanks for watching!

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