KAT-TUN Worldwide Travel This Is Why We Travel To CHIANG MAI – Thailand Cost For Foreigners ??

This Is Why We Travel To CHIANG MAI – Thailand Cost For Foreigners ??

Chiang Mai the largest city in northern Thailand has attracted up to 326 million visitors in 2016 and went up to 35 million visitors in 2017 with an estimated daily tourist spending per person increasing every year the truth is Chiang Mai is a perfect place for budget travelers like us but also money can go as far as you want it to in this video we will breakdown our spending in Chiang Mai which goes towards more budget travelling lifestyle of under five hundred US dollars a month let's see we only paid for one night for the Airbnb and we gotta find an apartment for this apartment we found it's called the trio condo it costs about 10,000 baht a month and it comes with all the essentials furniture including a fan TV a/c and as well it provide the gym and the pool which we think is totally worth ten thousand baht the only problem is that we need to buy bed sheets pillows and blankets by ourselves my entire life is packed in two bags one suitcase and one human being got everything almost settlement just got to finish unpacking the luggage yes getting water to stay on budget the cheapest way to get water is to go for water dispenser which you can see almost every street of Chiang Mai it costs only 50 satang for one liter and it costs us in total 6 baht to fill the water jug like this Chiang Mai is perfect place to ride a motorbike it is unlike Bangkok Chiang Mai is way more chill and clam the next mission for us is of course to fight a motorbike I found one for 2,500 when it comes to getting sim card in Thailand you can go to either 7-eleven or you can also go to the mall for local cellphone provider this is the easiest way to do a cultural day trip in Chiang Mai with over 300 temples here in the city it won't be hard for you to find one when you ride along the road and it's also free to enter I've seen this market online this is the cheap place I got Papaya salad with noodle it's a fish sandal get you a North Face windbreaker 250 Baht when you ride up to Doi Suthep route you can easily enjoy this scenic view point for free and after that you can ride up a bit more and you'll hit the temple situated 3,000 feet above sea level this temple is a critical landmark of the city that we would highly highly recommend you visiting as the temples golden pagoda contains holy Buddha relics for dinner you have to try this 139 bath all-you-can-eat which you will get pot for soup and do it all for yourself help yourselves to as much meat fish vegetable as you can eat definitely some things you must try in Chiang Mai good morning today we're gonna go to mom jam I'm not normally a wine guy but when we were up in the mountains like by the strawberry patches and everything they had homemade wine and if only 10% alcohol but it tasets delicious if you've ever had like the sparkling juice you give to your kids on like New Year's Eve like that is what it tastes like but with a little bit more like strawberry flavor to be honest with you we feel that the price here at the Chiang Mai night Bazaar is more expensive than the other night markets in Chiang Mai here you will see a high number of tourists but the pros of this market is that they have a lot more to offer than your average night market in Chiang Mai 25 baht for what tah get okay so good it just tastes like green curry into spring party but instead of eating with rice ie believe it even makes her surprised now how cheap it is yeah do you see that somebody need a haircut look at that let's go find the cheapest and best haircut in Chiang Mai every place around here 100 200 150 baht we found one only 80 baht and he uses fresh straight razor every time so I haven't had that since I've been in Asia 45 baht per person to get in 25 baht for 100-gram look at this it looks so healthy this is the thing I eat all the time and I was working for EFH vegetable flower sprout celery carrot baby cause red cabbage cabbage green oak butter Hey and you can also add sesame for free for if you're looking to extend your stay in this beautiful country you're in luck Chiang Mai is one of the easiest places to do that head over to the immigration office by Chiang Mai International Airport and for about 1900 baht you can get yourself a total of sixty days if you guys liked the video please leave it a thumbs up we have a lot of content coming up especially informational content which helps you guys learn how to travel with the best destinations and the best travel tips make sure you check out the link below because we have a travel checklist that gives you all the travel essentials for packing and what you must know before traveling to Thailand thanks for watching guys and have a good day

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