KAT-TUN Worldwide Travel TOP 5 in CLEVELAND Ohio | Travel Vlog + Lake Erie ☀️

TOP 5 in CLEVELAND Ohio | Travel Vlog + Lake Erie ☀️

Too hot! It's too hot guys! So we are on a 28th Floor in Hilton Hotel Downtown in Cleveland And as you can see It's a beautiful view Basically we can see the Lake Looks like the Ocean or Sea And here, the boats And Lake promenade So now it's time for a little break Before dinner And it's time for relax Right now we are in typical American Bar Sport Bar, where we can watch football and drink some drinks Here we are on the East 4th Street in Cleveland As you can see is very busy, very crowded And I am not sure is really safe but that's all right It's lots of sports bars Lots of cafes and restaurants If you ever in Cleveland, just head to this street and you will find something for yourself for sure No it's time for breakfast And we visited local Starbucks It's really nice, new place Here we are guys, By the beautiful harbor in Cleveland Look at the skyline The boats And I think this lifestyle is amazing But take a look by yourself, don't you like it? Too hot! it's Too hot! And we are in American Bar For lunch But we are stopping from bar to bar it's so hot outside But we have to eat something This is our last night in Cleveland We've just came back from dinner in a lovely restaurant And here, behind me it's this monument And fountain on a Square And it's still warm and windy

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